Project 365: Goals for a Remarkable 2024

Project 365: Goals for a Remarkable 2024
Photo by Ian Schneider / Unsplash

2023 is almost over, so let's get ready for New Year's commitments!

As we bid farewell to 2023, I look back and can hardly believe what I've accomplished!

This year, I've grown significantly in my experience and confidence as a security automation engineer. I've developed a passion for running (which I never thought I'd say) and reading. I ran both a 5k and 10k while weighing 250 lbs. As we enter 2024, I want to maintain this momentum and continue moving closer to the dream life and person I aspire to be.

BlackToe Holiday 10k

A couple of weeks ago, I spoke with my best friend Cristian, who runs Urroz Designs, about 2024. We were both determined to make 2024 our best year ever, not just in our careers but also in our health and passions. He shared his Project 365 with me, outlining some of his big, audacious goals. This also inspired me to set some ambitious goals for myself this year. I find that sharing goals publicly helps me stay committed to them. Putting things out into the world also seems to have a self-fulfilling prophecy effect. So, without further ado, here are the goals of my Project 365 for the year of 2024!


  1. Complete the Peloton Annual Challenge with 20k Minutes (that's ~1 hour a day)
  2. Run a sub 1 hour 10k (under 6 min/km)
  3. Complete a Half Marathon
  4. Get to a goal weight under 200 lbs (losing ~50 lbs)
  5. Complete the Winter Gina Livy Program with no off days
  6. Complete a 5-Minute Journal without missing a day (develop a journaling habit)


  1. Become a Senior Engineer
  2. Find a Software Engineering Mentor & Meet Regularly
  3. Get 2 Freelance Clients
  4. Start a SAAS (Software as a Service) Company & Incorporate the Business
  5. Keep a 6-Month Emergency Fund
  6. Finish the year with $500k in Investments


  1. Get Married to the love of my life
  2. Read 12 Non-Fiction Books & 3 Fiction Books
  3. Write 60 Blog Posts this year
  4. Reach a Blitz Rating of 1,000
  5. Complete 100 Leetcode Problems
  6. Complete the Daily Dad and Daily Stoic without missing a day


2024 holds great promise with this comprehensive set of goals spanning health, wealth, and personal passions. The journey to achieving these targets will undoubtedly be challenging, but with determination, consistency, and a public commitment to accountability, success is within reach for each goal.

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